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Combinatorial Variation Generator allows you to reduce a large, unmanageable set of test-case inputs to a much smaller set that is likely to reveal bugs in the system under test.The tool is based on the Testapi which provides a generic API for combinatorial variation generation.

Here is other list of projects that CVG make extensive use of:
CVG is developed in WPF and it needs .Net 3.5 support.

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What is combinatorial testing? and how to Testing Efficiently with All-Pairs?

For example: How to test the effects in Font option of the MS Word application?

  • There are 11 effects, each can be on or off
  • There are 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 2048 test cases for all combinations (all possible inputs), A astronomical number for testing.
  • OK, Let’s look at all 2-way interactions (all pairwise), the only 8 cases covers all pairwise(Most field faults were caused by either incorrect single values or by an interaction of pairs of values.).

Exhaustively testing all possible inputs to any nontrivial software component is generally impossible due to the enormous number of variations. One approach to create a test suite with high coverage and a low number of variations is known as combinatorial testing. One common strategy, known as pairwise, tests a set of variations where every possible pair of parameters appears at least once.
For more combinatorial variation generation resources see Pairwise Testing






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